The success of your store depends (a lot) on the overall aesthetic and practicality of your fit-out. We have listed down the three most common fit-out mistakes that every retailer should avoid during design!

1. Poor Choice Of Lighting

Highlighting your products with carefully positioned lighting is one of the best ways to attract your customer’s attention. It allows the buyer to conceptualise what they are about to buy and creates a strong emotional appeal. It’s always best to go for some exquisite custom-designed fixtures to highlight the specific displays.

2. Immovable Shop Design

Design a fit out that can accommodate the changes easily. The ability to refurbish and reconfigure your shop is one of the most cost effective ways to keep up with current trends and changes within your store.

3. Cluttered Shop Layout

Sometimes, retailers try to add too many conflicting style and the space ends up looking cluttered. During design, consider your shop from the customer’s perspective. Think about various factors that can influence the customer’s purchase behaviour. Moreover, consider the size of your shop and the length of its walkways to ensure your customer gets maximum accessibility. The goal of retail fit outs is to add value, enhance the customer experience and boost your sales.


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