Strip Out & Make Good


Are you renovating your store, updating your existing layout or refurbishing a new space? Otal Constructions can certainly assist you to de-fit your project in an efficient manner to ensure your space is ready for whatever comes next. De-fits allow a total transformation for businesses, employees and customers alike.

Our de-fit services include;

Removal of fittings and fixtures.

Partial removal or total stripping of the space.

De-commissioning of services such as power, gas and water.

Disposal of unwanted goods.


Our strip out services include;



Floor covering removals

Air conditioning & electrical cabling removal

Removal of any fittings or fixtures, inclusive of existing and built-in furniture

Whether you need a de-fit, make good or strip out service completed, Otal Constructions is dedicated to enhancing your business value by providing you with a quality service and optimised space for each and every future project. 



Is your business moving to a new location? Are you finalising the lease of your current office space? If so, you are legally obliged to “make good” the premises before handing your keys back and terminating your current tenancy. While this may be an easy job for some, plenty of businesses update and renovate their office space to make it their own.


In this case, Otal Constructions is here to assist to ensure your space is returned to its original condition. We are more than competent in de-fits and make goods, and will go the extra mile to ensure your property is left in prime condition. Whatever changes have been made, we are equipped to handle them. To ensure a headache-free moving out experience, leave it to our professionals who guarantee the job will meet both your landlord’s expectations and lease obligations.




With one of the best reputations in the industry, we are renowned for our efficiency, professionalism and high quality services. These services include fully comprehensive strip outs to provide you with a clean, blank canvas for your renovation or construction needs.


When working with a new space, it is vital to ensure that your area is free of any existing structures or additions.  We will undertake the full strip out process to save you the hassle, including the removal and disposal of waste items that are no longer needed, as per current environmental waste management standards.


We believe a job worth doing is a job worth doing well, which is why we pride ourselves on our superior strip out services. With an eye for detail and a can-do attitude, our workers will minimise disruption to the best of our ability and leave your space looking brand new.