Demountable Wall Systems

Demountable walls are a wall system that are fixed at floor and ceiling. They can be removed and relocated using the same materials, saving you time and money.

Demountable wall systems can be added if you wanted to expand your office needs or used to add extra walls, a doorframe or a window.



Ideal for medical and veterinary services.

Relocate or redesign in minimal time.

Walls vinyl coated for easy cleaning & no paint fumes.

Eliminate plaster set off and dust – time efficient & equipment plaster dust free.

Clear anodised aluminium is our standard colour or power coated to suit your office.

All glazing is to Australian standards.

Option to run electrical and data inside walls.


Plans to expand or relocate your business in Brisbane? Use Demountable office walls for an easy, no fuss transition!


For a professional office fit out, you can’t go past! We install walls that can be removed, relocated and reused again and again. If your office or commercial business is in need of a new layout or is moving into a new building, that’s not a problem – just take your demountable walls with you. It really is that simple!


Traditionally, setting up permanent walls has proven to be a drawn out process that can disrupt an office’s productivity, not to mention the layers of dust that will inevitably cover equipment and the strong smell of freshly painted walls in a confined space.


Permanent walls are a costly choice that can’t be reused or relocated. Demountable walls are a cost effective alternative that can be reused or redesigned for a growing business.


Stylish finish to your walls!


At Otal Constructions, our demountable partition wall systems are made using vinyl coated plasterboard or MDF. The end result looks finished and stylish without the commitment of having the structure that requires demolition and reconstruction to be updated. Our demountable wall systems can accommodate doors or window frames and are attached to the floor and the ceiling, making them a sturdy alternative to ordinary walls.

Coated and glazed for your convenience.


Using a vinyl coating over the top of our plasterboard walls means you don’t have to worry about painting over the top of them. We appreciates that each space is different and therefore use clear anodised aluminium as our standard colour or powder coat colour to suit. This type of coating also makes for easy, hassle-free cleaning, which is ideal for medical and veterinary services that are looking for a quick clean up.


All of our window glazing is in line with Australian Standards, so you can relax knowing your office space is in safe hands. Best of all, we are able to run electrical and data inside the walls, keeping your cables out of sight and out of the way for a clean space!


Quick work at an affordable price!


It generally takes us about a day’s work to install a standard 3m x 3m office, meaning you can get back to work quickly and with minimal fuss. Say goodbye to nasty paint fumes and annoying plaster dust, there is no messy or time-consuming clean up after we have installed the walls.


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