The first thing to understand about quotes and estimates is that they are NOT just two different names for the same thing.

Quotes take 1-3 hours to complete and are only issued after an onsite visit, when you have plans (including elevations, floor plan layout and sections if required), and a budget is known. Without this information, Otal Constructions will provide you with an Estimate first and an official quote when we have confirmed the final details.


An estimate is an educated figure of what a job may cost. Unlike a quote, an estimate isn’t a guarantee of what the actual work will cost, it is an approximate total based on the information available about a project at that moment in time.

There is no fixed-price agreement on an estimate as there is on a quote and an estimate is subject to an increase or decrease when a final quote is given.


A quote is an exact price. It summarises the work to be performed and includes a detailed breakdown of the total costs, including labour, sub trades and materials.
When a customer signs off on a quote, the price cannot be changed unless the customer changes the amount/type of work required or if something is discovered that is completely outside of the scope that was agreed upon.