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Glass Partitions

black aluminium frame
glass aluminium frame
black aluminium frame
black aluminium frame
glass aluminium frame
glass aluminium frame

Experts in renovation and design, we have the ability to build and install a wide range of partition types, including glass office partitions, practical plasterboard screens, decorative wall features and more. Experience greater quality control, better prices and a quick turnaround with Otal Constructions.

We have a wide range of glass partition solutions to assist you to create your ideal space.


  • Sound Rated Glass
  • Glass Office
  • Glass Wall
  • Frameless Shower Screens
  • Frosted & Tinted Glass Partitions
  • Glass Shop Fronts
  • Toughened Glass
  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Glass Pivot Doors
  • Part Glass & Part Plaster
  • Frameless Partitions


If you’re hoping for an open plan feel, though still feel as though you would like some privacy throughout your space, glass partitions are a visually appealing way to take your working or living areas to the next level.



They are a stylish and contemporary solution to enhance your work or living space, providing you with enough privacy whilst also maximising natural light flow throughout.

They separate zones whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to reach your desired space.

They are relatively soundproof, allowing employees and representatives to conduct meetings with minimal to no disruption, while still creating a sense of transparency between those in the office.

They enhance existing architecture to create a modern, spacious environment and can be crafted to fit office spaces of all shapes and sizes.

They are easy to install and require little to no changes to existing structures, making them a cost-effective solution when compared to other partition options.

Partitions can also be created to include your corporate branding, images or colours within your office for an extra special touch.


To speak to our experienced team of glass partition contractors, call us on 0466 996 805 or use our contact form.