hoarding systems

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At Otal Constructions we supply and install a range of hoarding systems used widely in Shopping Centres, Building Foyers, Hotels, Convention Centres, Airports, Work Sites and Offices. Hoarding is a popular choice for it easy and quick installation and the ability to use it on all surfaces. Our hoarding systems come in an array of sizes and styles, depending on the area and requirements.

We use Australia’s most advanced hoarding system. Structural engineer designed, tested and AS 4687 certified for internal and external use. Australian Standards AS 4687:2007.

  • Clause 4.3 Impact Loading
  • Clause 4.5 Wind Loading
  • Clause 4.2 Overturning and Climbing

Additional Australian Standards compliance with:

  • AS 1720.1 -2010 Timber Structures Design Methods
  • AS 1664.1 -1997 Aluminium Structures – Limit State Design
  • AS 1170.1 -2002 Balustrade Crowd Loading (specific to the TITAN void barrier)

Standard Inclusions

  • Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification for every Hoarding Installation and Modification
  • Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Registered and Certified Systems
  • AS 4801 Compliant SWMS, JRSA and all related OHS Site specific Documentation
  • Hoarding Specific Safety | Quality | Compliance Documentation
  • Hoardings installed up to 7.2 metres high free-standing
  • Zero fixings required to existing finishes
  • Dust suppression installation for isolation of the work zone
  • Hinged, Sliding Doors or Concertina doors
  • Panel Joints finished with quality colour matched tape
  • Black 100mm high skirting
  • Access to Dozens of Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certified Hoarding configurations

Additional Accessories and Services on offer:

  • Entry lock options from Keyed, Pad bolt or Digital Entry Locks
  • Door closers
  • Specialised entry Door and Gate systems
  • Fire rated, Acoustic and Cold Room panelling
  • Specialised panel finishes
  • Streamlined Graphic installation
  • Site specific Hoarding Engineer Certified designs