Partitions Walls Brisbane


Partitions walls are an essential part of any fitout; they can be used to divide a room, create additional rooms and be used to optimise the area and layout in your commercial space. See below the details of the different partition wall systems that Otal Constructions can install for your fitout in Brisbane.

Plasterboard Office Partitions/MDF Lightweight Doors

Office Partitions

Plasterboardoffice partitionsare the most affordable and commonly used partition walls, they can be matched with aluminium skirting and painted in the colour of your choice. If minimising noise is important to you, these office partitions can be installed with sound insulation.

MDF doors are a cost effective and popular choice for your office fitout. These types of doors can be fitted with an air vent, painted in any colour of your choice or matched to the colour and style of existing doors.

Glass Partitions

glass partitions

Glass office partitions separate work zones whilst still allowing plenty of aesthetically pleasing natural light to reach your desired space. Glass partitions are relatively soundproof, allowing employees and representatives to conduct meetings with minimal to no disruption, while still creating a sense of transparency between those in the office. Both frosted and non-frosted office partitions are a great choice when you require both functionality and appeal within your office environment.

Part Plaster, Part Glass Office Partitions/Frameless Glass Doors

glass partition walls

Part plaster, part glass office partitions are a great alternative option to all plaster or all glass partitions. These designs let in enough natural light while also providing privacy to your office space. Made with toughened glass, the frameless office glass door compliments any modern day fitout. An office designed with frameless glass is a modern way of keeping things light on the eye even and gives the illusion of more space.

Glass Doors

glass partition walls

Glass doors are framed in anodised aluminium and can be installed sliding or swinging. Glass doors can ensure privacy whilst still allowing some natural light into your office space. Glass door can be clear or frosted to suit your privacy needs.